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Self Cleanse Protocol - Early Bird

This protocol is a mixture of practices to be done daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. These are all the Ayurvedic practices that I do throughout the year which maintain:

  • physical, mental and spiritual health
  • energy and focus
  • longevity and youthfulness

Basically, all these practices when done as a protocol on a regular base maintain your lifestyle at a higher energy level because the support and cleansing which you are going through regularly helps to ward off disease while building a body and mind which is resilient to your busy and sometimes imbalanced life.

This protocol is presented in a way so you can do it all on your own, with your partner or friends. I have taken the most important daily rituals that we do at our detox sessions and explained them in short videos so you will know:

  • What the ingredients are
  • How to perform the practice
  • How long to do the protocol for
  • When are the best times to do the practice
  • Where to buy the ingredients

When you follow the Protocol on a regular base you will experience many other benefits also which include:

  • Controlling your stress level
  • Reducing your nervous condition
  • Avoiding build-up of excess mucus in the lungs and sinus cavity
  • Allergies coming from the environment, animal hairs or foods can be eliminated
  • Sensitivity to heat or cold will be regulated
  • Dry eyes and dry skin can be treated
  • Sleep problems become significantly reduced or eliminated