Exclusive Private Weekend Retreat

Next date July 26-29



Have you been thinking about cleansing your body, mind and emotions so you can move beyond many of your challenges or your pain?
Total cleansing and purification of the body, mind and emotions takes the right knowledge, correct herbal formulas, the right treatments and a balanced environment that allows the body to completely release deep-seated physical and mental  toxins.
This is the process and environment of the Deep Cell Detox weekend.
The result of this combination of Knowledge, Herbs, Treatments and Controlled Environment is:
  • No more joint pain
  • No more migraines
  • No more digestive issues
  • No more interrupted sleep
  • No more sugar cravings
  • No more focus issues
  • No more low energy
  • No more anxiety
This is the experience of a Deep Cell Detox weekend.


The body naturally digests and releases a small amount of toxins on a daily bases but times have changed and this process is being obstructed in two big ways:

  1. People have become extremely busy and their lifestyle choices are attracting much more toxicity into the body through negative eating habits and stress.
  2. The environment is now more polluted with harmful gases, which reduce the amount of oxygen necessary for healthy living.

These are the two major reasons why the body organs and channels start to become fatigued and prematurely older, producing ailments and more rapid aging.

This is also the reason for people suffering from such ailments as allergies, skin conditions, migraines, digestive problems, constipation, weight issues and pain in the body.

This is true especially if you live in a big and fast metropolitan city, which generates much more toxicity and stress than the countryside.

This is now the ‘new normal’ for all professionals, busy people or people who travel a lot and it’s taking its toll on the mind and body at a rapid speed.


The feeling you get from deeply cleansing your system is very unique. As toxins are eliminated, they are replaced with extreme amounts of energy in the body and mind.

And this time it's possible to release deep-seated emotions and anxiety, which you have been carrying around for years. This release gives the body lasting lightness and clarity of mind. You will be able to see the results very rapidly, especially with your mood and the texture of your skin, which loses many years of premature aging.

This is how you know your body is reaching complete purity.

During this exclusive weekend, your body will begin to feel...






As well as experiencing the cleansing and detox process, during the weekend you will also be learning:

  • How to keep your body cleansed when you return home
  • How to create and maintain your energy level
  • How to eat for maximum healing, energy and weight management
  • How to simplify your life for peaceful living



Another unique aspect of the weekend will be sleeping at Yogi and Yogini’s home where the weekend takes place. Normally people stay in hotels close to their home when they put on a retreat but for this cleansing experience everyone sleeps at their home.

One reason for this is for you to experience “an Ego detox” by experiencing a deep letting go of control by having no resistance to sharing your space with others. Detoxing isn’t just about the body letting go of toxins but also the mind letting go of habits or thoughts that don’t serve your life. 

The experience of sharing, sleeping and enjoying your living space in this way is also to tap into the energy of simple living and letting go of expectations and attachments to needing to always be in ‘ultra comfort.’ 

The other bigger reason is to be able to monitor your progress and to be of support to you at all times. When people stay in a hotel they are exposed to a diverse environment which can be over stimulating and negative to the detoxing process. 



Cleansing the body in the Ayurvedic Indian medicine system means cleansing out and detoxing all of the body parts, organs and channels, which is not in the same way most people are accustom to.

The traditional ways of fasting, juicing and eating lightly will only remove some waste from the body, but not most of them. In this yogic way of cleansing we will be detoxing the inner organs and channels as well as all of the organs of the senses.

The senses are over used and become blocked and tired over time, which leaves the mind and body exhausted as well as the digestion very weak.  Also nearly no one ever cleanses or even knows how to cleanse the organs of the senses.

We use all of our body inside and out every moment of our existence so it makes sense to clean and maintain absolutely every inch of it.

All throughout the day, each activity and practices that we go through will be of a cleansing nature.


  • All body Organs and channels
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Lung cleansing
  • Heart strengthening and healing
  • Stomach detoxing
  • Liver & Kidney cleaning

Detoxing is about the body letting go of physical toxins while the mind releases toxic thoughts and develops positive new habits.



6pm Arrival

6.30 Introduction to weekend

7pm Shower

8pm Breathing, Meditation

8.30pm Nighttime detox formula



6am Rise and shower

7am Cleansing practices

7.30am Digestion detox formula

8.00am  Detox treatment

9.30am Cleansing meal

11.00am Yoga, Breathing, Meditation

12.30 Balancing formula

13.00 Treatment

14.30 Cleansing formula

14.45 Rest

16.00 Detox meal

17.00 Teaching session 

18.30 Shower

19.00 Evening Aarti

19.30 Sound meditation 

8pm Detox night formula 


MONDAY (optional)

6am Rise and shower

7am Herbal formula

7:30am Satsang

8.30am Cleansing meal

9.00 Depart.

"This was such an amazing experience of cleansing and moving heaviness from the mind. I feel so blessed to have a greater understanding of daily practices that can really help me in the morning with my routine. The past few days have been life changing and I feel so much clearer and focused."

Jody A.

"Thanks so much for being so patient and hospitable this weekend. I feel so full of wisdom and spiritual understanding. I am encouraged to continue with living simply and more natural. I feel I have moved to the next level and have better tools for when I return home. I know that the start of resetting my digestive fire has been set in motion. This is a huge hurdle that I feel I have now overcome."

Kim D.

"Just completed the detox weekend. What a wonderful experience. Being challenged with weight and sinus issues I found the treatments and direction to be both educational and life altering. Yogi and Yogini were both inspiring and brought me to a new heightened awareness at my beginner level. Very encouraged and eager to grow in their teaching. Namaste."

Pam B.


You will be sleeping in a room “ashram style” with all other cleansing participants.

Individual authentic high end Japanese beds will be provided for basic comfort as well as organic luxury products for the hair, body and face.

We will be providing the clothing for the weekend, which will be beautiful linen tunics and kaftans. This is so your mind can be free of thinking of what to bring with you to wear.

This will add an additional layer of cleansing for the mind and stress management. 

But do bring a set of yoga clothes for the practice sessions. We will provide yoga mats. 

Cell phone and computer use will be reduced to 15 minute increments, totaling 1 hour throughout the day.

This is not to deprive but to help balance the excesses and to detox from over use of electronics.

If you are looking for an even deeper cleanse, then we suggest you prepare your body and mind for the cleansing process by eating a vegetarian diet from as early as a week before or even 2-3 days before.

Avoiding alcohol, reducing caffeine and not consuming processed sugars will add an even deeper dimension to your detox.

We will also be sending out a consultation questionnaire sheet for you to fill out prior to arriving so you can let us know some basic things about your health, intention for doing the cleanse and any other things that may need our attention.

If you are traveling to Huntington Beach by air, the nearest airports are LAX and SNA.

If you feel you need a longer cleanse and detox, you can make a request before your arrival to know what your options are.

Stay in the know when a new detox retreat becomes available.


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